Who we are

PNI International has since established satellite offices in the US, UK, Netherlands and Dubai to maximize opportunities for growth in the global search, staffing and placement market. Through the years, PNI International is recognized as one of the top recruitment companies in the Philippines having deployed thousands of Filipino workers around the world. This includes clients from the US, UK, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Europe, Singapore, China, Malaysia and countries from the Middle East.

Our track record has proven that PNI International is a trusted name in recruitment and placement. It also comprises our staff which help us gain and build competitive advantage through their spirit, creativity and commitment. Moreover, PNI International stands from the rest as our people create a relationship through personal approach to our clients, candidates and Overseas Filipino Workers abroad.

Our Vision

PNI International upholds the principles of integrity, quality service, industry, creativity and professionalism for our clients, our staff, our shareholders and our community.

We see ourselves as being a premier global Human Resource Staffing Solutions provider. This has been realized through the implementation of strong strategic alliances with domestic and international offshore partners and partner branches operating in different parts of the world.

PNI International has created a bridge for the rest of the world for a borderless search and placement business model where candidates can be sourced and placed wherever the best employee-employer match be found, worldwide.

PNI International envisions to solve our client’s needs by bringing work to offshore outsourcing locations.

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